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I'm chickendraqon, and here's my life story, more or less

yeah as the title says, I'm chickendraqon (that being my username on practically everything). I prefer the names Dino or Fig, but Chicken and Jade are also fine; only very close friends can use Caticorn, and only people I know irl can use Khylie. I am lesbian and use she/they/xe. I'm 14 wow and my birthday is 8 December, I'm a sagittariusI'm working on a rather convoluted excuse for a book series thing about everything, more or less, called separate realities, and you can read 6 chapters of the first book here and 5 chapters of the second book here. I'm also working on some major wip object show called war over existence, and it technically has to do with separate realities; here's the studioi have too many characters help
there's like over 200
or something like that
idk anymore lmao
the fandoms I'm in: pretty much anything by erin eunter (specifically warriors and bravelands), wof, toh, amphibia, stranger things, dead end, my little pony, wobbledogs, svtfoe, gravity falls, and several object shows including but (probably) not limited to bfdi, tdos, inanimate insanity, hfjone, and burger brawlSome of my hobbies are working on art, typing up something about my amazingly convoluted story Separate Realities, or just nothing. Sometimes I just feel like doing nothing.I think I'm most well known on Scratch (linked below) as jadechicken due to my 1000+ followers?? though I've moved to chickendraqon now. I- nowadays I am most active on Lythbound by the same username, chickendraqon.that was my ✨life story✨ thanks for reading i guess